“The Urban Voodoo Machine” live @ Circolo degli Artisti – Rome


with the new album “Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop ‘N’ Stroll”
Rome, February the 4th, 2009

The stars were aligning in the skies the night Paul-Ronney Angel was begged by a promoter to be the filling in a triple bill sandwich. Never one to turn down a knees-up, P-R realised he had 48 hours to put a band together. No problem. Trawling the dives and doss houses of London, he called in some favours, cracked some whips, and so it was that The Urban Voodoo Machine was cranked into life. That was April 2003. Ever since then, this shadowy collective of ne’er-do-wells has been bringing the spirit of the carnie to London, sleazing around the capitals’ seediest joints, as well as hosting the now legendary parties attended by strippers, fire jugglers and degenerates.


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